May Uber Tour on the Tenth and T-Shirt Sale

May Über “Tour on the Tenth” and T-Shirt Sale

We love having the community stop by and get a closer look at what we’re doing! That’s why, each month, TS Designs opens its doors for a full-access view behind the scenes – and around our campus.

Our monthly “Tours on the Tenth” give us an opportunity to turn talk into action. We say we’re transparent – and there’s nothing like inviting the public to come and see what we do and how we do it to back up that statement.

Even more exciting is that the 10th falls on a Saturday in May. So, we’ve decided to blow up our usual afternoon tour into a morning/afternoon event with two tours and a t-shirt sale.

Tour times are:

  • Morning: starting at 11am
  • Afternoon: staring at 1pm

From 10:30am to 2:30pm, we’ll be hosting a MAJOR t-shirt sale. Can you imagine how many tees we go through in one year?! We used to have bi-annual t-shirt sales, but no one seems to remember the last time we had one. No more wondering – now is the time!

Expect to see an area of super sustainable tees (NC Local, Organic, Made in USA) on sale for $5 each. We’ll also have an area full of tees that have been used for dye filler and sample prints. These tees will be going for $1 each. Spread the word. Help us clear out the Production Area to make room for a busy and prosperous rest of the year.

Let us know you’re coming! RSVP on Facebook – and please invite your connections!

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2 Responses to “May Über “Tour on the Tenth” and T-Shirt Sale”

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  2. Yes, good work has been doing and I hope that everyone will be benefited by getting chance to buy in such T-shirts only $5. This is really worth buying. Thanks :)