Our Team

Eric Henry, President of TS DesignsEric Henry, President

Front man extraordinaire, Eric Henry loves to engage and connect the community that surrounds TS Designs. His passion keeps the story of TS Designs and the company’s strides in the sustainable apparel industry in everyone’s hearts and minds. You can read Eric’s full bio here and Eric is LinkedIn.

Tom "4 Gallons in a 1 Gallon Bucket" Sineath, CEO at TS DesignsTom Sineath, Founder

Tom founded TS Designs in 1977 and retired in 2015. His leadership at TS Designs will be sorely missed, as will his technical and handyman abilities.  Tom will always be a part of the TS Designs family.

Eric Michel, Vice President of Operations at TS DesignsEric Michel, Chief Logistics Officer

Eric started with TS Designs as an intern. He has the ability to think through just about any problem, see it at its fundamental parts and implement a solution. His positive impact can be seen in every department here at the company as he wears many hats through the day.

Shannon Clark, Head of Production at TS DesignsShannon Clark, Chief Operating Officer

Ask anyone in the company and they’ll tell you, “Shannon works magic.” Not only does he “wow” the entire team by keeping the Production schedule flowing smooth and to its highest efficiency, he also pulls off some amazing card tricks. Shannon has been with TS Designs since March 1996.

Travis Clark, Screen Department Manager at TS DesignsTravis Clark, Screen Department Manager

Travis is a fisherman. A great one. And you can see the same characteristics he applies on the lake – patience, planning, foresight – in the screen department at TS Designs. His effort keeps Production rolling – and has since he started with the company in 1998.

Doug Murphy, Floor Manager at TS DesignsDoug Murphy, Floor Manager

On October 31, 1994, Doug walked into TS Designs for his first day of work dressed as the White Power Ranger, and he has been keeping smiles on our faces ever since. Another employee who is connected to the soil, Doug grows flowers for the State Fair every year.

Betsy Penley, Shipping ManagerBetsy “Besty” Penley, Shipping Manager

Betsy has been with the company since 1994 and is the go-to person when you need help remembering the details of a specific order. Just pick one, any one of them, and she’s likely to remember the nuances better than anyone else on the team. She’s full of great stories and knows all the tricks to the trade.

Aeriel Miller, Sales ManagerAeriel Miller, Sales Manager

Aeriel joined the TSD Team in July 2014. She started out telling the TS Designs story via online platforms and through community and special events, and has transitioned into a Sales position. She enjoys being deeply connected in the local food and agriculture communities, thus she spends a lot of her spare time on her family’s farm. She and her husband live on the farm with their four pups. Aeriel is LinkedIn.

Angela Kalo, Marketing & PR Manager at TS DesignsAngela Kalo, Marketing & PR Manager

As Marketing & PR Manager, Angela will be developing tools to help customers promote the TS Designs brands: made in the USA, local, sustainable. When she’s not at TS Designs, she spends time working in animal rescue, volunteering (along with her two kids) for various local organizations, and drinking NC beer.  Angela is LinkedIn.

Lydia Paylor, Logistics at TS DesignsLydia Paylor, Logistics & Front Office

Lydia has been a member of the TS Designs team since 1989. She carries with her a wealth of knowledge when it comes to “how things work” at TS Designs. If you have a question, chances are Lydia has the answer!

Nicole King, Quality Control Supervisor at TS DesignsNicole King, Quality Control Supervisor

Family is important to Nicole – both the one at home and the one in the office. She’s been with TS Designs since 2008, and enjoys how the TSD Team can be likened to a family. Her keen eyes and kind spirit rule the Inspections Section of the Production Area. There’s not much that gets by Nicole!

Darlene Watson, Graphic Art Technician at TS DesignsDarlene Watson, Art Department

Darlene has been with the company since 2009. She’s always been interested in art and horticulture, and feels like being at TS Designs is a neat fit, since she gets to explore both interests. If you can’t find her at her desk in the art department, you can bet she’ll be outside enjoying the garden.

Sandra McCollum, Production Assistant at TS DesignsSandra McCollum, Production Assistant

Sandra has been with TS Designs since December 1997; and in that time, she has supported all areas of the Production Floor. She is dedicated and consistent. You can count on Sandra, whether it’s to provide excellent coverage for Inspections or to help take care of our company hens.

Jen Busfield, Marketing SupportJen Busfield, Marketing Support

Jen started with TS Designs in December 2012. The company was looking for someone to share the incredible story of their ongoing sustainable adventures; and Jen loves telling stories. It was a good match! In summer of 2014, Jen stepped down from her full time role, and is now working as a contractor, focused mainly on marketing support for TS Designs. Jen is LinkedIn.