REHANCE Printing

REHANCE allows us to print waterbased inks on a dark t-shirt, something difficult for other printers to accomplish without harsh chemicals. Our inks become part of the shirt, rather than sitting on top of it, resulting in a print you can’t feel, and won’t crack, peel or fade over time. It’s more expensive than tactile inks, but provides superior durability.

a REHANCE print at 10X magnification


+ no-feel print
+ design is permanent
+ inks are completely breathable
+ shirts are fully pre-shrunk
more expensive
ink colors are slightly more muted
shirt will look more worn
shirt color can vary slightly

a REHANCE print at 60X magnification

Traditional Tactile Printing

Tactile inks – the choice of most screenprinters – use a plastic coating to cover the surface of the fabric with a design. This is a less expensive option, but results in a print that can peel and chip away over time.

a tactile print at 10X magnification


+ lower price
+ brighter print colors possible
+ shirt will look more “brand new”
+ consistent shirt color
a print you can feel
design may chip away over time
inks limit breathability
will shrink in wash

a tactile print at 60X magnification