Our First Ever American Soil Organic Pre-Sale Campaign

At TS Designs, we’re always challenging ourselves to embrace sustainable innovation. As we continue to work on growing certified organic cotton in NC with a better success rate, we’re excited to launch our new t-shirt option: American Soil Organic.

It’s a certified organic, grown-and-made in the US tee – and it comes with the same “Track Your Shirt” information that you’ve come to grow and love from Cotton of the Carolinas! Take a look.


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This is a pre-order campaign. Orders will be collected through October 5, 2014 and processed shortly afterward. You can expect to receive your Nutmeg t-shirt – perfect for the Holiday season – in time for Halloween.

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TS Designs is located in Burlington, NC

Your Custom T-Shirt Printing Solution

TS Designs is a full-service apparel manufacturing and screen printing company in Burlington, NC. We offer the most sustainable t-shirts and the most sustainable t-shirt options. We are committed to delivering the highest quality product by leveraging technology and creative design while pioneering sustainable practices and partnerships.

Our mission is to build a sustainable company that simultaneously looks after People, the Planet, and Profits.

T-shirts from TS Designs will quickly become your favorite tees.

Our Products, Your Favorite T-Shirts

Think about your favorite t-shirt. Now, think about the reasons why it's your favorite.

That's what our team had to consider when we were working to develop our own t-shirt product lines. We added all the desired characteristics: unbelievably soft, a no-feel print, a tee that was durable and long-lasting; but we also threw in some others to set us apart: made in the USA, printed and dyed with sustainability in mind and - ehem - a chance to meet the farmer who grew the cotton used to make the shirt in the first place.

Connecting You with the NC Farmer

Connecting Consumers to Farmers

Do you love visiting your local Farmer's Market? Isn't there something delightful about getting to meet the person who grew your food and having the opportunity to ask them questions? How do you think you'd feel about meeting the farmer who grew your t-shirt, or, we should say, the cotton that made your t-shirt?

Ronnie Burleson is a third generation cotton farmer from North Carolina, and he's the farmer who grows the cotton we use to make our Cotton of the Carolinas product line.


I wore my “from dirt to shirt” tee in Iowa last week. Lots of interest and I enjoy saying “Made in the US from Carolina Cotton.” Appreciate all you do for NC and our great country.

K. Webb

TS Designs t-shirts are the best quality shirts you can buy. Purchasing a Cotton of the Carolinas shirt also helps support more than 700 American jobs, right here in North Carolina.

N. Gottovi

I know I have mentioned them before but really urge your T-shirt retailers to buy local from TS Designs they are a fantastic company and group of people.

V. Driscoll

As a native North Carolinian, I appreciate any and all efforts to represent my state in a positive way; supporting local and sustainable businesses in the process is a much welcomed added bonus.

A. Melahn Carolina Grown Customer
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