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Lady Farmer Podcast – TS Designs President Eric Henry

Lady Farmer mother and daughter Mary and Emma Kingsley sit down with Eric who has been navigating sustainability through the fashion industry for the past 40 years. Henry discusses the effects of NAFTA on TS Designs and the process of rebuilding his business with the triple bottom line – People, Planet, Profit – in the forefront of operations. Eric pushes you to think about the impact of the goods you consume and the places you spend your money while considering that sustainability is a journey not a destination.
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The Storytelling Lab – Sustainable Business Stories with Eric Henry

This week’s guest is Eric Henry, President & CEO of TS Designs, a sustainable T-shirt manufacturing company in Burlington, NC. TS Designs is dedicated to creating locally made and environmentally responsible products that have a positive social impact! We discuss sustainable business practices, telling creative and interactive stories of products, and how to make a positive impact (personally and professionally).
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