Last Garment Dye Facility in the South

Why Garment Dye?

Garment dyeing is the process of dyeing the garment AFTER it has been sewn and constructed. A majority of clothing gets its color from dyed yarn or fabric.

Our 5,000 sq ft garment dye facility in downtown Burlington, NC has a local history from a city rich in textiles. The equipment not only allows us to maintain consistent control over the dye outcomes of our t-shirts… it also enables us to provide custom garment dyeing.

Natural fibers are our focus, such as cotton, wool, and hemp. And we use water-based dyes in our processes. Which all supports our mission to be good for People + Planet.

Keep reading for Stock Dye Colors, Dye House Specifications, and Custom Garment Dye parameters.

Benefits to Garment Dyeing vs. Traditional Dyeing

  • Consistency: We control the variables that assures color consistency and works with our eco-friendly REHANCE™ printing technology.
  • Faster to Market: Domestic production can mean faster turn around times, vs. ordering products produced in other countries. Because we dye our garments after the shirts are sewn, there is not a limitation on color choices and the customer has greater flexibility on when to determine the garment color.
  • Smaller Volumes Possible: Our variety of dye tubs allow us to batch dye in smaller quantities.
  • Truly Pre-Shrunk Apparel: We jokingly say, if our shirt doesn’t fit the same 6 months from now… it’s not the shirt’s fault.
  • Minimal Impact: We are focused on using environmentally responsible dyes. The City of Burlington wastewater treatment plant was built around textiles. It is only a few blocks from us and we are fortunate to have a great relationship with them.

Stock Reactive Garment Dye Colors

Color can vary based on dye load size, cotton type, and fabric finish. Color accuracy is dependent on your device’s display, and may appear different once printed on fabric. Consider ordering a color swatch to see the best representation of our color options.

Dye House Specifications

New Equipment! Pyrotec 200:

We recently acquired a Roaches International Ltd Pyrotec machine. It allows us dye and match colors in much smaller batches, which in turn, greatly improves the time it takes for us to work with our customers who want us to match a specific color for their t-shirt or custom dye orders.

Equipment Specifications

5 Sample and 9 Production Paddle Dye Tubs with the following capacities operating at a 17:1 liquor ratio:

2.5 lbs 7.5 lbs (x3) 15 lbs 26.5 lbs
61 lbs 78 lbs 79 lbs 87 lbs
102 lbs 124 lbs 142 lbs 164 lbs (x2)

2 Extractors

4 Commercial Gas Dryers

100 Horsepower Natural Gas Fired Boiler

Custom Garment Dye

Order Parameters:

  • Minimum production weight of 60 lbs
  • Standard 3 week turnaround time


  • Pricing is based upon a per-pound basis (for dyeing) and a per-piece basis (for handling)
  • Prices will vary depending on color selected and how much handling/packaging is required

Product Requirements:

  • Softener used in fabric finishing should be non-cationic & non-silicon-based
  • Garments sewn with cotton thread (unless a contrasting thread is desired)
  • Product samples required before order acceptance to assess dyeability

Color Matching Available

  • Flat fee of $185
  • Up to 3 matching attempts (tweak the formula as necessary)
  • All trial will be sent and customer will select one to proceed
  • Exact match not guaranteed until first production run.

TS Designs Dye House
5,000 square feet with loading dock
413 Tucker Street, Burlington, NC 27215