The Best and Most Sustainable T-Shirt in the World.

Natural Fibers & Earth Friendly Printing.

Grown and Made in the USA.


We manufacture 4 unique sustainable brands. With the best quality and eco-friendly mission, it's the best t-shirt you will ever wear.

People + Planet

First apparel B Corporation (since 2008) verified to voluntarily meet high standards of transparency and accountability.


Every step in our supply chain is domestic and travels up to 95% less than the average shirt!


Trackable supply chain starting with the farmer who grew the cotton via

Natural Fibers

Passionate about keeping microplastics out of our ecosystem, we focus only on natural materials such as cotton, hemp, & wool and create small batch shirts at Solid State Clothing

Natural Dyes

We create small batch natural dyes and utilize local & responsibly sourced plants from our own back yard.

Water-Based Inks & Dyes

We use eco-friendly inks & dyes with no harmful chemicals.

REHANCE™ Screen Print

Water-based ink developed by TS Designs to give your shirt a no-print feel. Always printed on un-dyed shirts.

Garment Dye

Shirts are dyed after printing so no worry of excess or wasted inventory. Color is the last choice!


Pre consumer scraps are recycled at Material Return or used at our facility.

Pioneering R&D

Consistently working to bring balance, equity, & transparency to the apparel industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes TS Designs t-shirts special?

TS Designs has set out to make the highest quality and most sustainable t-shirts on the planet. We work with brands who want to provide their customers with responsibly made clothing that’s easy on the environment.

We manufacture, print, and dye our own line of premium, sustainable, made-in-the-USA t-shirts. In addition, we do pioneering R&D to improve the apparel industry, including developing our own eco-friendly water-based REHANCE print process that has a super-soft no-print feel.

Since we garment dye our t-shirts, they are preshrunk and fit great, even after multiple washes. Jokingly we like to say if the shirt does not fit in six months, it is not the shirt’s fault. TS Designs t-shirts are some of the softest, sturdiest, longest-lasting t-shirts you can find—all while supporting American jobs and the environment.

How much do your t-shirts cost?

We provide a custom quote for each printing job. Larger run orders typically use the REHANCE screen print process. Direct to Garment (DTG) printing for smaller runs and full color. The price per t-shirt varies depending on the options you choose, including the number of print colors, print locations, and order quantity. In general, more complex printing will mean a higher t-shirt price. Additional fees apply for screen setup, custom artwork design, and shipping. We require a 50% deposit and the remaining balance is due within 10 days after the order ships.

REHANCE (screen-printed): Cost starts at $13 (un-dyed, one color, one location), including printing and garment dyeing. DTG printed shirts begin at $20.

What is the minimum order quantity for your t-shirts?

REHANCE (Screenprint): Minimum 100 units (white) or 200 units (dyed), Assorted sizes.

DTG (Direct to Garment): Minimum of 12 units (white) or 24 units (dyed), Assorted Sizes.

Print on Demand: Minimum 1

How long will it take to get my t-shirts once I place an order?

REHANCE: Once the artwork and quote have been approved and payment received, our turnaround time is 3-5 weeks.

DTG and Print on Demand: In-stock shirt colors (black and white) can be ready in 3-5 days! Custom colors take 2-3 weeks.

What other products do you offer?

In addition to our premium t-shirts, we offer personal use face masks, long sleeve shirts, youth t-shirts, and tote bags. Our sister brand, Solid State Clothing, offers USA-grown and made premium t-shirts at retail.

What other services do you offer?

Our 5,000 square foot Burlington, NC dye house allows us to do custom garment dyeing, as well as color-matching and softening at competitive US pricing. We’re proud to be one of the only garment dyeing facilities in the Southeast. We have dyed wool berets for the military and organic cotton bandanas for indie designers. Ask about our product requirements.

We offer consulting to other companies wanting to become more sustainable and transparent.

With our DTG printing option and an integration with Shopify, we provide print-on-demand services for your online store. A minimum order of 200 shirts and a set up fee are required. We pack and ship directly to your customer.

How do we demonstrate our journey focused on People + Planet?

B-Corp Status: We were the second B-Corp certified company in NC, for over 12 years now. B-Corps are verified to voluntarily meet higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, reviewed with a third-party assessment tool.

Completely Transparent and Trackable Supply Chain: We developed Where Your Clothing which allows you to know exactly where your t-shirt was grown and made. Whether it’s our Cotton of the Carolinas or Homegrown line, the neck label of each shirt contains a QR code that allows you to know where your shirt was during each step of the supply chain, including the farmer that grew the cotton! Solid State Clothing also provides complete transparency.

Research and Development: We consistently perform R&D. Our focuses include our complete Dirt to Shirt™ made-in-the-USA manufacturing supply chains and natural fibers such as cotton and hemp. We develop garment dyeing techniques encompassing reactive and natural dyes. We consistently strive for the importance of transparency of supply chain and putting the farmer first by including them in the process. Textile Exchange Member: A community of brands, suppliers and companies who come together to create a more sustainable and responsible fiber and materials industry.

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