Four men wearing Gilson Snow shirts and holding snowboards

Established in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River Valley, Gilson Snow stands as a testament to perseverance and vision. Founded by Nicholas Gilson and Austin Royer, both educators, the company emerged from the classroom, driven by an ambition to revolutionize snowboarding dynamics. Through relentless dedication and a commitment to local production, Gilson Snow has become synonymous with cutting-edge design and unwavering resilience.

Gilson employee working on a snowboard

Resilience and Perseverance


The company’s trajectory took a challenging turn 16 months ago when a devastating fire took down their warehouse overnight. Undeterred, Gilson persevered, prioritizing community engagement and innovation. Their response came in the form of a new manufacturing facility and the introduction of the groundbreaking Bounty Hunter series. Designed with community involvement at its core, the Bounty Hunter series offers a unique blend of interactive challenges and tasks for the first 500 buyers.

Shared Values: A Local Supply Chain


Gilson’s vision extends beyond creativity; sustainability is ingrained in their ethos. Mindful of their environmental footprint, they meticulously select materials, favoring locally sourced poplar wood from Pennsylvania and establishing a robust North American supply chain. This commitment to eco-consciousness sets a new standard within the industry, reflecting Gilson Snow’s dedication to responsible stewardship.

In pursuit of their sustainability goals, Gilson found a like-minded partner. Sharing a passion for local sourcing and ethical production, sourcing TS Designs t-shirts was the natural fit. A visit to TS Designs’ facility offered the Gilson team firsthand insight into sustainable garment dyeing and printing processes, reinforcing their shared values and commitment to responsible manufacturing.

Stewards of Innovation and Community


As Gilson Snow continues its journey, each day presents fresh challenges and opportunities for innovation. Grounded in principles of creativity, resilience, community, and sustainability, the company remains steadfast in its mission to push boundaries and inspire adventure. Beyond being a brand, Gilson Snow represents a testament to human ingenuity and the enduring spirit of exploration in the face of adversity.

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