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Nestled in the heart of Carrboro, North Carolina, lies one of the oldest and most cherished farmers markets in the region. The Carrboro Farmers’ Market celebrates its 45th birthday this Saturday, April 6th, the market’s Main Season Hours Opening Day.

Established in 1979, the market has not only stood the test of time but has flourished into a vibrant hub where farmers and community members come together to celebrate local produce, artisanal goods, and sustainable living.

A Rich History of Nurturing Communities

The market was born out of a visionary agricultural marketing project, a collaborative effort between local farmers and a graduate student at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Public Health. It was a space where vegetable farmers could directly connect with the community, offering fresh, locally grown produce. Over the years, the market has evolved, shifting locations to the Town Commons in the mid-90s, where infrastructure was built to support vendors and enhance the overall experience for visitors.

Today, the market stands as a testament to the commitment to supporting local producers. The vendors are the original growers or producers, all from within a 50-mile radius, offering everything from freshly baked bread to juicy tomatoes to handcrafted pottery. The market takes pride in providing a platform for these artisans to showcase their products and foster connections with the community.

Community Impact

As the market celebrates its 45th anniversary, it reflects on the milestones that have shaped it into what it is today. The commitment to quality, accessibility, and community engagement remains unwavering. From children’s activities to educational workshops, the market serves as a gathering place where relationships are forged, and knowledge is shared. The market believes in the power of connecting consumers with farmers, promoting transparency in food sourcing, and empowering individuals to make informed choices about what they eat.

Championing Sustainability for Future Generations

For Maggie Funkenhouser, Manager, and Laura Perez, Assistant Manager, sustainability is more than just eco-friendly practices; it’s about creating a pattern and system that ensures the longevity of local agriculture. In supporting local farmers as their businesses grow and advocating for community members to buy local, the market is dedicated to building a livable world for generations to come. They operate on the principles of balance and stewardship. Nothing goes to waste, and everything is well taken care of.

Shared Values with TS Designs

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Embracing Innovation and Tradition

As the market looks to the future, they’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. The farmers market isn’t just a place to buy fresh produce—it’s a reflection of the values, history, and commitment to building a better world. The market is grateful for the support of the community and partners like TS Designs who share their vision for a more sustainable future. Together, they can cultivate change, one market day at a time. Next time you find yourself needing some fresh ingredients, visit the Carrboro Farmers Market, and pick up one of their awesome t-shirts!

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