Four men wearing Gilson Snow shirts and holding snowboards

Jay Kennett became pastor at the Hillsborough United Church of Christ in 2005. The focus of the church is to be progressive, inclusive, creative, caring, and kid-friendly. “We seek to include all God’s children without regard to race, culture, age, abilities or sexual identity as active members of our community of faith.” Wanting to create an environment where social justice is at the heart of the congregation, Pastor Jay had found his calling.

Gilson employee working on a snowboard

A Pillar of the Community


This commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility extends beyond the church walls. Recently, the church hosted a yard sale, not just to clear out clutter, but to raise funds for Benevolence Farms—a beacon of hope for women navigating the challenges of North Carolina’s criminal legal system. By offering skills training and a path forward, Benevolence Farms embodies the spirit of empowerment that the church champions.

A “Green” Church


Sustainability is a value at the forefront of the United Church of Christ. Describing their church as a “green” church, he emphasizes the importance of respecting the environment and nurturing creation. Their dedication led them to install solar panels on the church roof, a tangible step towards a brighter, cleaner future.

Love is Louder


Like the United Church of Christ, TS Designs values inclusivity and environmental impact. A few months ago, we worked with Beth Kennett, Jay Kennett’s wife, who was running for the Mayor of Burlington. When looking for Pride t-shirts for June, they knew who to come to. We are delighted to print shirts for a cause that we stand by. Like it says on the shirt, “Love is Louder, Love Your Neighbor Out Loud”.

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