Jenni Earle specializes in custom designed, handmade bandanas and hankies. They have several unique and inspirational designs to choose from, but also will create a custom design just for you!


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We recently opened up our dye house to brands and companies wanting to dye their products here in the U.S. We help our customers dye, over-dye and do color development to create samples, small runs and full-scale production. We even dye wool berets for the military!


Our downtown Burlington, North Carolina dye house has a great local history as a former sock factory that used to knit and dye socks back in the 80s and 90s (add that to your marketing campaign).

We recently worked with Jenni Earle to do some dyeing on our dye house. 
All Jenni’s products are cut and sewn in South Carolina and then dyed here in Burlington in the TS Designs’ dye house.

Jenni writes: “Eric Henry and the awesome gang at TS Designs has made it possible for us to scale our business without having to derail from our commitment to keep our production domestic with their contract dyeing model. Being able to visit the space and understand the process was so valuable. We are so very lucky to have a company with these environmental and social priorities in North Carolina. They are showing the rest of us how it’s done.”
~jenni earle hopkins


Want to talk about how your brand can use our space to garment dye?
Contact TS Designs’ President Eric Henry (yes, he’s THAT accessible), at or give him a ring at 336.675.6266

Learn more about our dye house capabilities here.