We are thrilled to introduce our November Customer Spotlight, Beth Kennett, the Democratic candidate for mayor in Burlington. With Election Day just around the corner, Beth’s journey into the world of local politics is a testament to her commitment to the community. She, along with her husband and two children, relocated to Burlington 29 years ago.

Love of Community

Beth’s involvement in the Burlington community grew over the years, with a particular focus on local organizations, including the Democratic Party. As she engaged with these groups, she began to realize that change was needed in the city. Beth’s path to mayoral candidacy started when she recognized that the city deserved choices. While Beth was in search of a possible candidate, Ian Baltutis posed a simple yet profound question, “Why not you?” It was this encouragement, combined with support from her family and the community, that led Beth to take the plunge. Incredibly, within just 24 hours of making this pivotal decision, her campaign was up and running.

Love of Burlington

Beth’s vision for Burlington revolves around the principles of inclusivity and engagement. She believes in the importance of listening to the voices of her fellow citizens and collaborating to enhance the city. She aspires to see a lively town where people can come together, relish life, and nurture a sense of community. Beth recognizes that essential elements of this vision include improved parks, affordable housing options, and thoughtful solutions for the unhoused population.

Sustainability & Working with TS Designs

Sustainability is a value that deeply resonates with Beth. She is on a personal journey to find answers that will make sustainable practices more accessible and economically viable. This commitment to sustainability is not just part of her campaign promises; it’s woven into her daily choices.

One example of Beth’s dedication to sustainability is her decision to have her campaign t-shirts produced by TS Designs. This partnership arose from an intriguing story. During a church lock-in event hosted by Beth and her husband Jay, a conversation among the kids sparked the question of where their clothing was made. When everyone checked the tags on their shirts, not a single one was made in the United States. This prompted Beth to do some research, leading her to discover TS Designs.

Beth’s connection with TS Designs deepened when her daughter worked on TS Designs president, Eric Henry’s, North Carolina House of Representatives campaign. When Beth decided to run for mayor, she knew where to turn for high-quality, locally-made shirts. TS Designs worked with Beth to create a fundraising platform to support her campaign. When you order a shirt it will be digitally printed on demand and available for pickup or shipped directly to you.

Support the Campaign

Visit the Beth Kennet for Burlington Mayor Fundraiser Page on our site to contribute to Beth’s mayoral campaign and receive a Cotton of the Carolinas shirt.

And, most importantly, remember to cast your vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th, to make your voice heard and help shape the future of Burlington. Beth Kennett is a candidate who truly embodies the spirit of community, sustainability, and positive change.

Image of black and whtie shirts with Kennett for Mayor design

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