Randy Lewis and Eric Henry holding up a sample of his shirt with the TS Designs Marketing Team, and Lovely the pup.

Randy Lewis and Eric Henry holding up a sample of his shirt with the TS Designs Marketing Team (Emily, Ilsa, Courtney)… and Lovely!

“I am not famous. I am infamous.”

We spent a hot day at Ran-Lew Dairy talking with farmer Randy Lewis. He is well known in Alamance County for many things, including being the owner of one of the last remaining dairy farms in Alamance County, Ran-Lew Dairy in Eli Whitney.

As he has put it, “I am not famous, I’m infamous… and trust me, it ain’t the same thing.” His latest adventure includes being attacked by a bull in his own pasture! It set him back, the community rallied, and we are happy to report he is slowly recovering to take back the reigns of the farm. He is so unbelievably grateful for the love that showered on him from the community, and is truly overwhelmed by the support he and the farm have received.

Harvest Table and Aramark chefs at fundraiser for Ran-Lew Dairy, wearing TS Designs printed shirts.

Photo credit Heidi Bilotto

During a recent dinner fundraiser Ran-Lew Dairy had shirts printed on our Cotton of the Carolinas, 100% made in North Carolina from Dirt to Shirt™, where here you see the Harvest Table and Aramark chefs sporting their tees.

Ran-Lew Dairy

As a 5th generation farm (at least), Randy learned everything he knows about dairy farming from his grandma.

Due to the commodity pricing of milk falling, around 10 years ago their business model changed when they began bottling their own milk. The dairy produces delicious cream top milk and chocolate milk sold in local stores around NC. The cream naturally stays on top because it is less processed and is not homogenized. The homogenization process has been known to make fat less digestible so even though these milks are more fatty, they can be easier to digest. The dairy is also known by North Carolina gourmet restaurants for its buttermilk. Great chefs love cooking with it because of its freshness and it is less processed.

Harvest Table crew at fundraiser for Ran-Lew Dairy

Photo credits Jason Arthurs and Ted Richardson

The Last Barn Dance

Randy was featured in the PBS documentary series, Reel South, about his farming struggles and his annual community Barn Dance event. The barn dances are so popular he has seen young folks attend the barn dance through the years, that are now grown and bringing their own children. Due to his recent injury, he hopes to continue this, perhaps as a dance caller, rather than leading the way.

randy lewis on his farm at sunset. photo by Jason Arthurs

Photo credits Jason Arthurs and Ted Richardson

Sustainability as a Business Model

Randy and TS Designs president, Eric Henry have know each other for years and have bonded over sustainability as a business model. Randy says, ”Sustainability is very important in farming… you always want the best for your land, animals, and community.” In fact, for whenever he is no longer able to run the farm, 90 acres of the land is under conservation so it must always remain a farm and not be developed. He hopes this will encourage young folks to take up farming.

Randy loves our shirts because how soft and well-made they are, and because of our shared values. These Cotton of the Carolina shirts are responsibly sourced all in North Carolina, including the farmer that grows the cotton!

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