A few years ago, TS Designs decided to build a biofuel station. Our mission: to provide fuel that is renewable and sustainable for public consumption. We wanted to provide biofuels but knew we couldn’t do it alone. So we built a biofuel station, and we chose Piedmont Biofuels as our partner in this journey. That’s how we met Bob. Bob kindly agreed to answer some questions about biofuels and his role, and how he thinks biofuel makes the world a better place.

1)  What did you do before you entered the world of biofuels?
So many things.  I had a career in manufacturing, then I was a jungle guide in Belize, worked to help the State of Hawai’i clean up the bombs on Kaho’olawe, and drove a recycling truck on Maui. 

2)  What led you to make that career change?
I wanted to get away from “extractive” industries and put my time and efforts into making small parts of the world a bit better. 

3)  How do you think what you do impacts the environment and leads to more sustainable practices?
What we produce and what we consume matters. I want to try to live as gently on the earth as possible. 

4)  What’s your favorite thing about your job?
The best part about working in biofuels is the people I meet. They are looking for ways to cause less of a negative impact on the world around them. 

5)  If you could change one thing about what you do, what would it be?
I wish it was more financially sustainable to do the right thing. The problem is, fossil fuels are just too energy dense and too cheap. 

6)  How do you think people can become more interested in using biofuels?
Understanding that the political nonsense surrounding climate change is just that – nonsense. Biofuels help reduce issues with climate change.  The Department of Energy sums it up well: “Because the carbon in biofuels does not come from a geologic reserve of carbon, like petroleum, biofuels are considered to be carbon cycle neutral–the carbon released by combustion has been recently fixed from the atmosphere during an organism’s growth cycle.”   I believe that moving rapidly away from fossil fuel use is the moral imperative of our generation. 

7)  What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?
Gardening – I grow about 100 pounds of fingerling potatoes every year, and a lot of garlic, leeks, and peppers. Time in my garden is both physically and mentally rewarding. 

8)  Why did you want to partner with TS Designs?
I wear a lot of t-shirts and am grateful for the quality and qualities that TS Designs puts into every shirt.