Hybrid Vehicle Parking

Preferential Parking for Hybrid Vehicles | Raleigh, NC

You see these signs around, here and there, highlighting preferential – or designated – parking spots for hybrid and electric vehicles.

We wondered what our Facebook community thought about when they saw these saved spots, so we posted this image to our Uploads Album and asked: “Do you think hybrids and electric vehicles should get special parking spots? Why or why not?”

And the responses started coming in immediately. The community definitely had an opinion and we heard many different perspectives.

Here are a few main thoughts we wanted to share from the conversation.

Is there a Plug-In?
Many people said there should be a reason for special parking, like a charging station (preferably solar-powered) that’s located in the same area as the preferential parking spots. Makes sense.

Biodiesel is Better!
There was a comment that drivers who are using biodiesel are making the better environmental choice, and so they should get the special spots.

Buy a New Car
The conversation was a little heated when it was pointed out that the preferential parking may be used as an incentive for people to purchase Hybrids or Electric vehicles. In general, these cars are offering a driver opportunity to make less of a carbon footprint; but that argument was countered with a.) car waste, b.) a current car’s MPG, and even c.) small cars vs. SUV’s.

Interestingly enough, this sign was 1 of 3 and wasn’t located near a charger. The spots weren’t even specifically in close proximity to the entrance of the building. It was a little bit of a puzzler as to why they would have marked these spots specifically for Hybrid parking.

Our take away from the conversation is that people need to think through how they can best implement sustainable or low-carbon footprint practices, without being tempted by preferential parking.

So, what do you think?
Should hybrids and electric vehicles should get special parking spots? Why or why not?