The All-Day Mask



The All Day Mask is simply the best made-in-the-USA personal use face mask you can buy. The new, improved mask design and our super-soft cotton fabric mean supreme comfort for all-day wear. The no-slip fit and included MERV 13 filter offer optimum protection. Designed and made in North Carolina from upcycled t-shirts—so you can support your health, the environment, and local economies at the same time.


• 2 layers of super-soft 100% cotton fabric

• *Filter pocket and included MERV 13 filter

• Adjustable nose piece for a better fit (no more foggy glasses!)

• Adjustable elastic ear straps

• 3-D chin shape for a no-rise fit

• Unique three strap design to keep your mask around your neck when you’re not wearing it

• Upcycled from TS Designs’ made-in-USA t-shirts

• Assorted colors

Because our personal use masks are made from repurposed, printed t-shirts, each mask is unique and will vary from those pictured. Some masks will have prints due to being an up-cycled printed t-shirt.

We’re proud to have our All Day Masks designed and made at Trotters Sewing Company’s Retexstyled Division in Asheboro, North Carolina.

We normally ship 3-5 day days after ordering.

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**As specified by NAFA, to be labeled as MERV 13, a filter must successfully remove at least 90% of E3 particles, 85% of E2 particles, and 50% of E1 particles. Our Catch All filter removes a minimum average of 97.2% of E3 particles, 85.5% of E2 particles, and 50.2% of E1 particles.


Interested in wholesale and custom masks? Email Eric Henry for more information!