Impressions Magazine – 2006 [Archive]

Green in Black Eric Henry writes about how and why to move your business toward sustainability. This article originally appeared in Impressions Magazine, a publication focused on the screenprinting industry.  Check out the full article here.

Alamance Magazine – 2006 [Archive]

Eric Henry – From Greenhorn Gardener to Advocate of a Greater, Greener World Amber Rockwell, a student at Elon University, writes about Eric Henry’s path to TS Designs and sustainability.  Check out the full article here!

SGIA Interview – 2005 [Archive]

Business Sustainability Helps Save Planet, Jobs, Competitive Edge SGIA (the Specialty Graphics and Imaging Association) interviews Eric Henry and asks the question: “What exactly is sustainability?” Check out the full article here!

My Views on the 2004 Elections [Archive]

To my wife, family, friends, employees and associates: I AM WRITING, not so much to influence your opinion about the coming elections, but to share sincerely held views with those I love and respect. I am concerned about the sharp divisions that have developed in our...