Image of Yonderlust owner Kit Linton climbing a rock

Navigating Wilderness with Passion and Purpose!

Happy New Year! And happy to introduce our January Customer Spotlight, Yonderlust, a company founded by Kit and Sonya Linton, driven by a shared passion for the great outdoors. What began as a mobile app to assist outdoor enthusiasts in navigating their adventures has blossomed into a vibrant cafe and outdoor recreation supply store in the heart of Downtown Durham, NC.


The Unexpected Wilderness Journey

Kit, the co-founder of Yonderlust, wasn’t always the seasoned outdoorsman we know today. In 2003, while living in Brooklyn, he embarked on a backpacking trip through Glacier National Park that would change his life. “It blew me away; it was my first real experience of the wilderness it helped me to understand just how precious it is,” Kit reflects. This transformative encounter with nature evolved into a lifestyle, capturing the hearts of his friends and family.


Yonderlust’s Evolution and Remarkable Customers

Yonderlust’s journey took a significant leap from a mobile app to a brick-and-mortar presence in Downtown Durham. The cafe and outdoor recreation supply store offer a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, providing not just products but a community space for like-minded individuals.

Recently, Yonderlust had two remarkable back-to-back days that underscored the profound impact of their offerings. Two customers, each on the brink of embarking on once-in-a-lifetime journeys, visited the store. One was preparing to hike Mount Kilimanjaro, while the other was gearing up for an adventure to Antarctica. In each case the Yonderlust team was able to outfit these adventurers with gear and know-how for their upcoming trips. These encounters epitomize the spirit of exploration and the significance of the services Yonderlust provides.

Commitment to Sustainability

Like their valued partner, TS Designs, Yonderlust places a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness. Kit expresses, “Having been avidly seeking wilderness for the past 20 years, I have personally seen the degradation, even in our most protected land. Our mission and drive toward sustainability are through a visceral real-life understanding that it can be destroyed.”

This commitment is evident in their vendor selection process, prioritizing local and sustainable practices. From sourcing local coffee to food for their cafe, Yonderlust actively contributes to the economy while maintaining a traceable supply chain.

Yonderlust gratefully supplies their t-shirts from TS Designs, the most sustainable t-shirt brand there is! Kit learned about TS Designs from a recommendation from Townsend Bertram, an outdoor gear supply shop. “From reflecting our values of sustainability, locally sourced materials, and unique products, there’s no competition.”


A Shoutout to Durham and the Triangle

As Yonderlust reflects on its journey, there’s immense gratitude for the support received from Durham and the Triangle. Kit extends a heartfelt shoutout, acknowledging the community’s contribution to their success in 2023 and expressing enthusiasm for what lies ahead in 2024. TS Designs thanks Yonderlust for being truly committed to the same mission as us, to save our beautiful planet.

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