Creating your own t-shirt line is “the thing.”

But it takes a serious amount of up-front capital to be able to pull it off. And so, it’s not something many people are able to actually get off the ground.

And for those who are able to invest the loads of money into giving the project life, what happens when consumers aren’t as thrilled about your private line of tees as you had hoped they would be (really needed them to be)? It’s a bummer, but even more than that, it’s a real problem. How are you going to recoup your investment?

And with these issues in mind, many would-be private label owners kiss the idea good-bye and focus on other Branding options.  But, what if you could do it without breaking the bank? And, even better, what if you could test your market with a small batch so that you don’t sink everything you have into a gamble that might not pay off?

Enter: TS Designs’ Private Label Program

We understand that having a private line of tees is a really strong marketing tool. And we want to help you make it happen. We offer you two options within our most sustainable lines, Cotton of the Carolinas and TSD Organic, so you can be confident that your consumers are getting the best (and most sustainable) t-shirts available on the market.

TS Designs Private Label Program

TS Designs makes your Private Label possible!


Our t-shirts are comfortable and long-lasting. Our print and dye process guarantees a more stable product to the end consumer, which means that it’s very likely that your private label tee (made with our help) is going to become your buyer’s favorite tee. Favorite tees get worn over and over again, which means your message and your Brand will be getting the kind of exposure you wanted in the first place!

Read through the details and get in touch to place your order today! Email: