Dear Customers,

Thank you so much for you previous orders of NC organic cotton t-shirts from TS Designs. We appreciate your business and your commitment to our environment!

We’re currently taking commitment orders for the what is potentially the last certified organic cotton grown in North Carolina – and we’re reaching out to those who have previously ordered, and anyone who may be interested in getting a custom order in before it’s all gone.

Here’s the deal:

We have a limited amount of certified organic Cotton of the Carolinas yarn left. It’s from our 2012 crop, which was harvested in early 2013. There’s enough for approximately 5500 t-shirts.

We didn’t have a successful 2013 crop. Between the cold, wet weather and the onslaught of weeds this past summer, our farmer wasn’t able to save the cotton. In fact, we’re moving back to R&D when it comes to growing certified organic cotton in North Carolina, and we’re not sure what the future holds for future crops (if there will be any at all).

But don’t worry! If you’re a fan of our organic cotton t-shirts, we have a couple of different options:

  1. Place your commitment order for Cotton of the Carolinas Organic today. We’re going to do our best to utilize every bit of the 2012 crop as efficiently as possible. The more commitments we can collect on the front side of the process, the better we can squeeze every last drop out of this precious stash of NC cotton. Submit a quote request right now.
  2. Hang tight because American Soil Organic is coming! We’ve taken the initiative to develop relationships with those who are growing certified organic cotton in other areas of the US, so that we can continue moving forward offering our customers the best, locally-sourced options available. We’re developing a new brand and expect that our next order of certified organic cotton will be coming from Texas. Stay tuned for more details and rest easy that TS Designs will continue to provide you with organic cotton t-shirt options.

Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your feedback on the last of the 2012 crop or our soon-to-be-launched new brand, American Soil Organic.

Thank you for your support as we journey towards sustainability together.

[highlight]The Cotton of the Carolinas brand will continue to move forward with conventional cotton. Our supply chain supports over 500 jobs and is within a 130 mile radius of the farm where the cotton is grown. Talk about local impact! There’s nothing like the Cotton of the Carolinas brand and we’re excited to be heading into our 6th year. [/highlight]