“I’ve never been back this way,” we heard one customer say.

“I wouldn’t have even known about this if it wasn’t for the signs,” another one said.

We did our best to get the news out about our BIG T-SHIRT SALE, but sometimes, as hard as you try, you can’t get the message to everyone. For everyone that did hear and took the opportunity to come out, thank you so much! Our sale was a success because you came out and supported local business.

And for those who went the extra step to model one of our Cotton of the Carolinas tees for the upcoming catalog project. We thank you – and hope that you picked your absolute favorite tee as your freebie. Your photos will be reviewed and organized – and edited per specifications – so that we can offer better visualization for all our customers moving forward!

And, of course, a great big THANK YOU to our team who made this morning’s event a success! We’re unabashedly biased in believing that our employees and volunteers are among the best of people. It’s their time, effort and loyalty in investing back into the company that has helped to make TS Designs the company that it is today, and why we can look forward to a continued journey on the path of sustainability.

There are rumors that we may do this again before the end of the year. Stay tuned for a confirmation. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our eNewsletter for periodic (not spammy) updates.

Thank you for supporting local business and keeping us as a part of your community!