Note: The Garden Newsletter is an internal newsletter sent to employees of TS Designs on a weekly basis. It’s purpose is to keep the team connected with activity happening in the Company Garden. TS Designs believes in supporting this endeavor as a way to stay connected to the ground and to provide an added benefit to each team member (fresh, organic produce). We’ve posted it to our blog so that you can share in our Company’s adventure in gardening, learn gardening tips and enjoy the great recipes that we share with each other!


Banana Pepper at TS DesignsFirst off — a HUGE-O-MONGOUS thank you to those who have been able to help in the last week or so in the garden. We got potatoes harvested, sweet potatoes planted – and we’re starting to reclaim our onion rows. Thank you for taking the time to get out there and sweat for some good eat’n.

Note: There is still a healthy amount of Kale that can be harvested and taken home. It wilts kinda quick in the breakroom, so I didn’t want to grab a bunch today.

Another note: I did find some more broccoli that’s ready to be eaten (that row continues to turn me into a liar…I keep thinking it’s given us all it has and when I look again, there’s always more). I’ve added it to the Egg/Harvest table along with a couple of Banana peppers that were ready.

So, we’ve got the most darling Banana peppers starting to grow up. And there are also little Bells growing. So, keep your eyes open when you’re in the garden, because they kinda just pop out of nowhere — and we definitely want to stay on top of harvesting those bad boys!

We’ve got some serious tomatoes coming in…they are everywhere!! In the main garden, in the square garden area…AND in the vertigrow. Now would be the right time to get tomato recipes out and ready to use. Got any faves you want to share with the group?

We’ve already harvest a couple of cucumbers. More will be coming soon. The squash plants are starting to spread their leaves and branch out for more room. Only a matter of time before we start seeing some baby squash coming in.

(I LOVE squash pan-fried with butter and flour, salt & pepper. We should have a squash-inspired Company lunch when there’s enough for everyone to take some home. YUM!!)

There’s a lot to get done this week. If you have time, here are a few things you can help with —

  • There are a couple of rows that need weeding.
  • We still need to work on clearing out the onion rows.
  • Keep an eye out for veggies that can be harvested.
  • Plant new plants (see Jen, Eric or Erin for more info)

As always, much thanks! Keep me posted if you want to help out or see something amiss.