Note: The Garden Newsletter is an internal newsletter sent to employees of TS Designs on a weekly basis. It’s purpose is to keep the team connected with activity happening in the Company Garden. TS Designs believes in supporting this endeavor as a way to stay connected to the ground and to provide an added benefit to each team member (fresh, organic produce). We’ve posted it to our blog so that you can share in our Company’s adventure in gardening, learn gardening tips and enjoy the great recipes that we share with each other!


Fresh green beans from the TS Designs Company Garden.So, it’s been a couple of weeks…

First off — thank you to everyone who has gotten out to the garden to help in any way possible. The rain has really turned the outdoor area into a war zone (weeds, mosquitos, creepy-crawlies, puddles of standing water, mud, etc…) and your effort hasn’t been in vain.

Ah…it’s pretty bad out there. In fact, it’s pretty bad everywhere — even at the front entrance. Just keep it in mind. If you head out to the garden, try to wear long sleeves and pants to protect your skin. I know that’s asking a lot because it is SO HOT, but I’m putting it out there as a strong recommendation. Also consider bringing some insect repeller. I am going to attempt an all natural concoction to keep the bugs away and if it turns out okay, I will make enough to share.

Without even realizing it, the beans have come in and are ready for harvesting. These little guys grow pretty quick, so it’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to go out there and see if you can add some fresh veggies to your dinner menu. And while you’re at it, feel free to pull up as many weeds as you can while you’re out there. The ground is soft enough that it isn’t hard – at all.

We’ve got lots coming out of the garden. Keep your eyes open to see what’s turning up on the egg table in the break room. If you have time to run out to the garden to harvest, that would be great! There’s something ready to come in just about every day!

The new hens seem to be making themselves at home. I love seeing the different egg colors on the table in the break room. Thank you, Egg Team, for staying on top of collecting our eggs.

There are a few of us that are planning to brave the garden first thing on Friday morning to dig out the potatoes and take care of some weeding and planting. If you’re available to help out for about an hour or so, we’d love to have you.