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Wes Morgan Honored by National Cotton Ginners Association

We are delighted to switch this month’s spotlight up to one of our suppliers, Rolling Hills Gin. Manager, Wes Morgan who recently received this year’s National Cotton Ginners Association award.

Based in New London, North Carolina, Wes’s journey with cotton began in 1996 when he embarked on a new venture alongside his family. Little did he know that this decision would shape his life and contribute significantly to the local communities, families, and farmers around him. 

Sustainability at Rolling Hills Gin

Indeed, ginning is more than just a business for Wes and his team—it’s a vital cog in the agricultural wheel, ensuring that the cotton harvested from these fields is processed efficiently and sustainably. Sustainability, to Wes, is about finding the most efficient methods of operation without causing harm to the environment.

At Rolling Hills Gin, sustainability is a practice ingrained in every aspect of their operation. Nothing goes to waste. Even the cotton seeds, once discarded as landfill material, have found a new purpose as nutritious cow feed. And the plastic used to wrap the bales of cotton? It’s recycled, contributing to a circular economy that minimizes waste and maximizes resources.

Working with TS Designs

Wes’s commitment to sustainability caught the attention of TS Designs in 2008 when we established our Cotton of the Carolinas dirt to shirt supply chain. For Wes, this partnership wasn’t just another business transaction—it was an opportunity to forge a connection between his gin and the end product: t-shirts. Most of the cotton ginned in the United States often travels across the world, just to come back as a final product. “With TS Designs, it’s a great feeling knowing exactly where our cotton is headed,” Wes says. 

In celebrating Wes Morgan’s recent recognition with the National Ginners Award, we also celebrate a larger narrative—one of resilience, innovation, and sustainability in agriculture and textiles. Wes Morgan isn’t just a cotton ginner; he’s a steward in the contribution to North Carolina cotton farmers.

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