The Herald Sun ran an article critical of Sustain-A-Bull for purchasing Cotton of the Carolinas shirts printed 30 miles away in Alamance County rather than offshore-made t-shirts printed in Durham.

Though we understand that Sustain-A-Bull had to make a difficult decision – support 700 NC jobs over a few jobs in the city they inhabit – we think they made the right one (read our editorial response here).

Cotton of the Carolinas is the epitome of local for North Carolina. No other apparel brand we know of has as small a footprint and as great a job impact per-shirt for a local economy. We applaud Sustain-A-Bull for deciding that a much larger job impact in their state trumps a smaller one in their city.

To share our support for Sustain-A-Bull, why not visit their website? You can even buy a t-shirt!