TS Designs Extras Bins T-shirt OptionWe’ve talked before about our Extras Bins and post “T-shirt Spotlights” quite often on Facebook, but there are just so many jewels to uncover, that taking the time to remind the community is definitely worth our while. We hope you agree.

What are the Extras Bins?
TS Designs prints t-shirts. We talk about a lot about exciting projects and connections, and how we’re involved with our local community, but when it comes down to business, we print t-shirts and we are developing a line of sustainable t-shirts made with organic cotton and conventional cotton grown in North Carolina.

We are always experimenting with the latest technology available in sustainable printing and dying options, which means that sometimes, we have “extras” available. Sometimes, we have irregulars as a part of an order that can’t be sent to the client, but they are perfectly good t-shirts. And every now and then, we may have some overruns from a project.

Our “Extras Bins” encompasses all these different options.

When can I visit the Extras Bins?
The public is available anytime during our office hours: Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Just come on in and connect with our front office staff; let them know you’d like to take a look at our “Extras Bins.” And if it’s your first time, someone will walk you back to our Production area, which is where we keep in the bins.

What sizes are available in the Extras Bins?
Our bins offer options from infant onesies and Youth sizes all the way to XXL options. We also have some bins that are specifically for Ladies Cut tees.

How much do the t-shirts cost and who do I pay?
Our tees, most* of which are organic cotton made in the USA, are $5 each. Make sure that you bring some cash with you. We have an honor system when it comes to the “Extras Bins.” When you’ve picked the tees that you’d like to take home with you, all you have to do is drop $5 for each t-shirt in the payment box that’s right beside the bins. Easy-peasy.
*Because our “Extras Bins” house a WIDE range of options, some tees made not be made with American organic cotton, or may be made with conventional cotton. Make sure that you take a look at the tag to be sure what you’re buying. And if you need any help, you are always welcome to ask any of the TS Designs staff.