We hear news from all over the world about the terrible working conditions others deal with in order to provide cheap apparel for the rest of us. It’s past time that we take a stand. Instead of just giving the situation lip service, let’s take action towards making things better.

How can you take action being so far removed from the situation?

Vote with your purchase power! Research ahead of time. Look for items that can be traced through the supply chain. Support companies that embrace and support fair practices. Buy items that are made in the USA, and support our national economy. Even better, look for items that are made in your local area, and support your neighbors!

Our Cotton of the Carolinas #WearFair t-shirts are a show of support for worker’s worldwide, human beings that deserve better treatment, higher wages and a new level of human respect. Amy DuFault and her husband created this logo to raise money soon after the Bangladesh garment factory collapse last year. This is their second run of shirts and $8 from each t-shirt sold will go to the International Labor Rights Forum to help with continued coverage and monitoring of working conditions in the global garment industry.


UPDATE: This design is no longer available for pre-sale. We’re so thankful for Amy’s engagement on this project and the community support.