The “Tour on the Tenth” at TS Designs has been a long-standing monthly tradition. Each month, on the 10th day, no matter the day of the week it falls, we open our doors to locals and not-so-locals to get an inside look into our business, our warehouse and all the other cool things we’re doing. The tours begin at 3pm and typically last between 90 minutes to two hours. Tours are led by either our CEO, Tom Sineath, or our President, Eric Henry.

This Sunday, August 10th our doors will be open. Come out and get an in-depth tour of our facility, learn about the screen printing process and of course, get to walk through our beloved company garden. The tour begins at 3pm, so plan to arrive just a few minutes early.

Here at TS Designs we carry two signature t-shirt lines, Cotton of the Carolinas and TSD Organic. When you join us for the monthly tour, you’ll get the inside scoop on how we source, produce, print and dye those t-shirts. Though you won’t be able to visit our off-site dye house, you’ll get the insiders overview of how the dye process works.

Since our garden is still pushing out quite a bit of produce, it’ll be a great afternoon to take a walk through and learn more about how we use organic growing practices in our garden, as well as how we use the garden to engage and educate our employees. You’ll also get a close-up visit with our 17 chickens that live right next to the garden. You can look inside the coop and hear about our crazy groundhog experiences so far this year.

As the tour is winding down, you’ll get a chance to browse through our $5 T-shirt Bins! Yes, that’s right, get your hands on some of our great t-shirts for just $5 each. Looking to add to a back-to-school wardrobe, our t-shirt bins can provide fashionable and affordable options for anyone!

No plans this Sunday? Come spend the afternoon with us and we promise it’ll be time well spent!

See you there.